Sunday, July 22

thursday mini adventure: part 2

after the hammer museum, destructor and i went searching for a late night snack. specifically, we wanted okonomiyaki. so having read that haru ulala - an izakaya we randomly saw on the street - had this yummy snack, we headed downtown.

the place was so cozy and cute. and we completely over ordered because we were so excited.


WARNING:for those that are easily grossed out by unpleasant looking food, DO NOT look at the next picture. one of the first things we ordered was "small fish with shaved daikon radish". (i shouldn't say "we", because destructor was brilliant enough to order this actually) i thought it would be...a small fish, with some radish on top. NO! it was a big ball of shaved radish with teeny tiny microscopic white fish on top with black eyes. looked like maggots. i tried it and it was alright, but i couldn't stand to look at the thing!!

ok, now on to better and prettier things.

chickien yakitori, meatballs, grilled rice balls and "pechanga". this last item was soooo delicious: peppers stuffed with spicy tuna and fried in tempura batter.

at last! our okonomiyaki arrived. we really should have asked how big they were, because we made the mistake of getting one each. it is seriously the size of my head!!

so, i was only able to eat this much, but took the rest home and had it for breakfast the next day. still just as yummy.


eatdrinknbmerry said...

everytime i drive by Gen & Komasa, i take a peek at Haru Ulala. Thanks for posting this, now I have a sneak preview.

DGL4HBOT said...

lol! i clicked on the larva picture and close-up was even more gross! i love that you tried it though. very bear grylls!