Sunday, July 29

mac & cheese ATTACK!!

thursday night, i enlisted the help of destructor and my sister to prepare for the company bbq on friday. my task was to make mac and cheese for 25 people (3 people in the group were assigned the mac and cheese, for a total of 75 people).

i left the office late after staying for calls and i think that's when i started to panic a little bit. was i going to be doing this all night? also, 5 minutes after leaving i had to turn around and drive back to the office after being notified that i did not have enough butter (there was a lot of math involved when dividing up the ingredients). i came home completely flustered; destructor had already tackled the 6 lbs of macaroni since i instructed him to "start boiling water!" on the way home.

everything had to be done in batches, because my pot and saucepan were just NOT big enough! (neither is my kitchen!) so i had to do more math. for example, pictured above you can see my sister measuring out 4.5 cups of milk for one batch of the sauce.

look at all this butter! this is half of 1.5 sticks of butter, whatever that is. i also had 2 lbs of cheese to split up. yum.

the pasta had to be poured back into my pot in order to be mixed with the cheese sauce.

after mixing alllll the pasta and scrambling to find more baking trays (the 3 i had been given were not enough!), we finally got everything in the oven. well, not all at once of course.

destructor performed this magical feat of tetris in our fridge. i really didn't think all 5 trays would fit in here.

thanks to destructor and my sister for their help. otherwise i would have been madly cooking late into the night. as it turned out we had way too much mac & cheese at the bbq so i had 2 entire trays to take back home! lucky for destructor and my sister they get to eat the fruits of their labor forEVER.


blacklashes said...

sorry that i missed the bbq! lol... 2 whole trays left over!

tstar said...

OMG I ate so mac and cheese this past weekend. WAY TOO MUCH!