Tuesday, January 22

praha :: day 6 - the rest

after lunch we stop by the st nicholas church right down the street. everything inside is absolutely decadent and stunning, with all walls covered covered in detailed gold statues and other details.

after that it's a brisk walk across the charles bridge (this is the first time we walk over it during the day), which is sunny for once. we then turn north and make our way towards the old jewish quarter. the museum and cemetery closes right at 4pm and it's nearly 3:30. when we get there we all realize we have only enough money to get one person inside (with all our money combined) because we had been rushing and did not stop to exchange any money! thanks to belvedere, who graciously donated his money to me so i could go inside because i was the one who really wanted to see the old cemetery.

although i walk through the cemetery fairly quickly, it is definitely worth it. i pass up the actual museum portion in the interest of time, especially since destructor and belvedere are literally sitting outside in the cold on a bench waiting for me. the windy path through the cemetery is surrounded by a heavy sort of quietness. i wish there was someone else here with me to take it all in.

after the jewish quarter we stroll to the stare mesto neighborhood next door. i look for the "house of the black madonna", allegedly a well-known architectural structure to see. we actually pass this building a few times looking for it - we finally look up to see the word "kubista". very anticlimactic.

although we are dead tired from our ambitious day, i insist on looking for the "h&m with the roberto cavalli stuff in the window". i had seen this window display almost every single day i was in praha, but i put off shopping there until the last day. we pass by two different h&m's several times but i am sure they are not the ones i'm looking for because there is no cavalli stuff in the window. anyway, the story of my despair as i realize the roberto cavalli for h&m special had just ended is enough for an entire other entry.

dinner is interesting but not that exciting. we walk around in search of restaurants nearby, but we are a big group and most places can't seat us. finally we end up at a mexican restaurant. here are some blurry pictures. my pictures turn out crappy when i am unexcited about the food. the only interesting thing is the big skewer of food one of my friends get. i think it's a prague thing. i get a veggie burrito, which is surprisingly pleasant tasting (not authentic at all of course, but decent).

after dinner we run into tesco next door and i pick up several bottles of beer to bring back with me. i grab three bottles of the vel-kozel. yay!

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