Thursday, September 27

dear blog

please don't die. i'll be back soon to update you.

Tuesday, September 11

elegy for summer

Sunday, September 9

labor day feast

d-bot, salmon, destructor and i collaborated on this much needed refreshing dinner (after a two-day diet of burgers, fries, chocolate, chips and many alocholic beverages). shrimp skewers above courtesy of destructor's previous experiments with a mint, lime, olive oil and soy sauce marinade. i skewered all of these, by the way. also, please note my expert mint chopping skills. very yummy and the mint is amazing.

d-bot and salmon created an amazing salad, consisting of tomatoes (salmon! very adept at cutting tiny grape tomatoes in half)...

strawberries and apples! (and walnuts and gorgonzola cheese)

we also had corn on the cob, brushed with olive oil, paprika, salt and pepper.

and last (but not least!) - a huge slab of seared ahi tuna. the marinade was something soy saucy which destructor made. also the grilled scallions brushed with olive oil were brilliant.

p.s. this post is dedicated to syrup who could not be there the night of the feast.

Tuesday, September 4

engaging in gentrification

a few weeks ago destructor and i braved the eastbound traffic (on a weeknight) to visit our favorite little gentrified neighborhood: the arts district. (funny! their homepage readily provides a link called "loft info")

what were we doing there, you might ask? well...what else? to attend a loft party.

let me specify: a fashion party at a boutique (yes, of course they carry vintage) in the molino street lofts. it can't get anymore gentrified than this.

wait! it can. it gets better. it was catered by a small vegan gourmet food company called spork foods. i had very healthy, organic and vegan "mexican" that night - rice and beans and a potato burrito topped with tangy guacamole sauce. it was actually pretty good.

and free dewar's and reed's ginger picture though. it wasn't that exciting.

i loved that they had pinatas hanging everywhere. i am not sure if this was part of the theme or if the store always has them.

i used this table to eat. the photographer (squid) used it to take pictures. this was also part of the "runway" for the models.

many of them almost ate it while climbing onto the table. they look fierce, don't they? (photos by squid)

as posh would probably say, it was "MAY-jah."

i also purchased a vintage clutch by "accident" (not pictured - but here are destructor's shoes again). bye bye hip concrete floor...