Monday, July 30

i heart garlic, but NOT garlic ice cream

Ah, the Gilroy Garlic Festival! It is just one of those things that you have to go to atleast once if you live in the Bay Area! It was my virgin trip, yet some of the people I met have gone every year and they say it just keeps getting better. The festival is at their 29th year and it always takes place on the last weekend of July, if you're ever in town! Okay, now onto the food. There were TONS of food venders, but what we tried first, was the infamous garlic ice cream. Everyone that goes there wants to at least try it, plus it is the only free food booth there! Here is my garlic ice cream cone in all of it's glory!

The initial taste is a sweet vanilla flavor and then this intense garlic flavor fills your mouth. It was not a pleasing taste to me! After one lick, it was in the trash. It just seemed so wrong! After that unfortunate experience, I continued to fill my belly with tons of garlic food. Here is a combo plate that I got, which is worth it because you get to try a little of everything there. They had two different combo plates, I went for the chicken one.

After all of the garlicky fun, I left feeling satisfied and the smell/taste of garlic all over me!


AMO said...

I can't believe you went to the gilroy garlic festival! how did you know about that? tis a big to do in the bay area.

shoe fiend said...

oh haha! not mine. it's my friend's post =]