Tuesday, July 10

i like to win

here is my "windorphin". what is it? oh, it's just ebay's new little campaign. winning is nice, except i've never won any stupid ebay auctions because of all those insane "snipers" out there. i once tried to bid on a vintage mini dress, but of course lost since i put in $40 and it quickly escalated to $80 within minutes.

i also like to win when i argue with my boyfriend. i'm always right. oh and also he has asked for his secret code name to be "Destructor". i will humor him for awhile just to be nice.

when i played volleyball in high school, winning was really nice - but then they make you shake hands at the end of the game to demonstrate good sportsmanship. that made it not as glorious.

anyway that is my random rant since i have no interesting food posts right now.


blacklashes said...

LOL! you're in rare form today shoe fiend =)

AMO said...

Thats just awesome