Sunday, July 1

leftover thyme = thyme pizza

everytime i buy fresh herbs, they always go to waste because i can never finish using them. we had fresh thyme from something we made earlier in the week, and this time, i refused to let it go to waste. so, having been to Mozza recently, we were inspired to make a pizza with fresh thyme. but with what else? it was decided that the other ingredients would be fontina cheese, basque cheese, mushrooms, and garlic. the only thing that wasn't "fresh" was the pizza dough we used - sadly, i cannot bake to save my life, so we just used a boboli thin crust pizza crust.

we brushed this lightly with olive oil followed by a sprinkle of sea salt. then scattered freshly sliced cheese over it. next, the mushrooms. finally, tons of fresh thyme and coarsely chopped garlic. this only took about 10 minutes in a 450 degree oven. the smell was wonderful but the taste was even better! by the way, there is a ghost on the left part of the pizza because in every photo i took, that section is blurry. why?!

:::his and hers pizza!:::
i don't eat much meat, but my boyfriend wanted prosciutto on top of his.

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tstar said...

Yummy....this made me salivate. I love what you can do with just a few items. Thanks for sharing your delicious recipe.