Thursday, July 19

ah ha! victory is mine.

last friday my friends and i went to the library bar downtown. they have a fantastic selection of belgian beer, so i was pretty excited. i had had enough of my usual chimay and westmalle, so i picked the one with the highest alcoholic content in order to try something new. this was the trappistes rochefort 10. 11.3%!! so when i ordered it, i said "can i have the trah-peest rohsh-fourr 10"? and the bartender looked at me like i had 5 heads. after a long pause and a confused look she responded, "you mean the rock-furt??" and now i was confused. because this was a belgian beer. hence, my french. so i said, "yes?" i pondered over this the whole night, sure i was right because i had taken 5 years of french. but, she was the actual bartender, so how could she be wrong?? i even surveyed all my friends and a stranger, although everyone was probably drunk and totally unhelpful.

well today, victory is mine. i googled pronunciation of belgian beers and found a page where there are actual sound bytes! this is how "rochefort" is pronounced: click here to experience my victory.

ps. this is not my photo. we were too busy "reading" random books we kept grabbing off the shelves while slowly being intoxicated with our high alcohol content level beers.


AMO said...

Bartenders don't know jack. I know I was one once and dated one too.

tstar said...

i love this. gotta go check out the library bar, i've been reading about it lately. now i know why you were looking up belgium beers the other day. :D