Thursday, January 10

praha :: day 6.33 :: prague castle

from vysehrad we make our way back to the metro and take the green line to malostranska for the prague castle.

we take the old "royal way" up to the castle, which is a loooong flight of stairs. here, i stop to pick up a loose cobblestone to take home.

this is the view at the top of the steps and at the entrance to the castle grounds.

shoes on cobblestone on the castle grounds!

this is the st. vitus cathedral.

inside - there are a lot of beautiful structures but what i love most are these gold, embellished gates in front of various displays.

so, we had been forewarned about this climb but really didn't think it was going to be so bad. it was bad. There are 297 steps up the "great tower" to the top. of course it's completely narrow and claustrophobic inside but at least we are lucky and there are not that many people. every once in awhile we'd stop and press ourselves to the wall as people on their way down pass.

the view from the top is rewarding, but too bad it's not sunny. in fact it's snowing by the time we get up there. we take a break and spend 10 minutes sitting in front of the entrance to the stairs, secretly waiting for the next sucker to emerge from the 297 steps. various expressions emerge - it's really funny.

right after i sneak this photo, the guard yells at me "no photo!" this is inside the old royal palace. the entire room is covered from floor to ceiling in these intricately drawn coat of arms - i think it's a family tree of some sort.

time for a snack! destructor and i practically inhale this meat pie outside in the freezing cold. it's so delicious and satisfying.

zlata ulicka - "golden lane". this is a charming little street in the corner of the castle grounds.

unfortunately all the charming little houses have been converted into various shops catered to tourists. golden lane brings us back to where we started, and we exit and hurry through the rain to meet the rest of our group for lunch in mala strana.

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