Wednesday, January 2

praha :: day 6 :: vysehrad

of course, by this point we have tons of things left to do/places to see. so what do we do? we cram it all in!

our grueling schedule on our last day begins with getting up at 7am to eat breakfast. we then head out to vysehrad, the "old castle" and the "birthplace of prague". we leave during the morning rush so we can be there by 9am.

our new thing this trip is jumping. everywhere we go we take jumping shots because posing and standing in front of the 100th building/church/museum/site is just boring. here we are at the vysehrad station. destructor is floating.

although we're not that high up, the view outside the station is beautiful.

apparently the area around the vysehrad station is where a lot of skaters hang out and play (according to lonely planet). there's a lot of interesting graffiti to check out. wherever i go, i am always drawn to the graffiti. it provides a different way of looking at the city, something visual that can't be articulated by guidebooks.

on our last day, the sun finally comes out! it had been gloomy and rainy up until that time. praha sun on the last day - i couldn't have asked for more.

as you enter the old castle - which is essentially a park now that many locals frequent on weekends - you walk through several old "gates". this is the "leopold" gate. we remain in front of this gate for nearly 30 minutes because we take many many jumping pictures.

this is the view from one of the pathways along the old wall. it's a pretty nice view of the city and the vltava river.

this is the church of st. peter and paul. beautiful, but the most beautiful thing about this church is the doors.

here i am jumping because the door is really pretty. there's another one next to it with a square pattern but the same bright, fun colors (pink, blue, gold).

pretty soon our walk takes us out the other end of the park. it probably would have been even shorter if we weren't so busy taking jumping pictures.

once outside of vysehrad we head up the street along the river to catch a tram to our next adventure. this is a photo i took while walking through an underpass. it's still pretty early in the morning, maybe 9 - 9:30am.

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