Sunday, July 1

coca-cola chicken and cheezy mac!

hello! this is mandy guest contributing from astoria, queens! first i must say we all love your blog, and everything always looks so delicious and expertly prepared. you are very skilled in food photography! anyway, you have inspired me to share my dinner journey from tonight. . .

all day, i had a craving for mac'n'cheese and coca-cola chicken wings. my grandma used to make the coca-cola wings, and i believe that it's a popular dish in asia!

you basically add a full can of coca-cola to a package of chicken wings, and you let it simmer until the liquid evaporates and you're left with a sweet thick sauce. i also added some soy sauce, salt, and pepper.

next up, i wanted to have a macaroni and cheese casserole. i wanted to make it a little more healthy, so i mixed fresh cooked broccoli with whole wheat pasta. i then stirred in two cans of campbell's cheese soup, a little bit of milk, and some shredded sharp chedder cheese. FYI the cheese soup mixture is based on one of DGL4HBOT's famous mac'n'cheese recipes that i altered a bit here.

but i had a secret ingredient that i wanted to try: CHEEZ-ITS!

i placed the pasta/broccoli/cheese mixture into a baking pan, and crumbled the Cheez-Its on top. this is how it looked when it came out of the oven!

and finally, here is how everything came together. don't laugh at the fact that I'm still using Christmas bear-theme plates, ok? ha ha!

yes, I had more than 1 helping. the end!

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