Sunday, November 9

peruvian chicken noodle soup for a sick boy

peruvian chicken noodle soup

poor destructor was suffering from a cold, so i decided to bite the bullet and try this recipe i had been eyeing in my saveur magazine.

i had been really lazy about trying this mainly because the recipe called for simmering the chicken broth for over 3 hours. who has that kind of time? but since we were staying in all saturday, it was the perfect opportunity to make this.

the soup was amaaaaaaazing. i omitted cilantro (my arch-nemesis), and added tons of lime juice (i really like tangy flavors). the chopped green stuff you see is mint i decided to add (again, die cilantro, die die die!), which worked out really well.

peruvian chicken noodle soup

you can find the recipe here.