Friday, June 29

spring veggies

after two weeks of eating out all the time due to having guests in town, i was craving something fresh and clean. i wanted vegetables. so last week, i made "braised spring vegetables", recipe courtesy of the NYT. it was just what i needed - tons of chopped vegetables (asparagus, sugar snap peas, swiss chard, lettuce, peas, onions, radishes...), which i put over brown rice. (the brown rice was not such a good choice; i was just on a health kick but next time i'd rather do pasta or polenta) i love this for the exact same reason i love the "vegetarian 'with love'" plate at Wilson. something about eating a huge plate of fresh, flavorful vegetables makes me feel really clean.

Thursday, June 28

delirious japanese curry

i was feeling slightly better, so i wanted to make a big pot of japanese curry for us to eat. this did not start off well, as i spent about 30 minutes feverishly looking for the peeler for the potatoes. i got progressively more dizzy with each drawer/cabinet/pantry/trashcan/utensil holder i looked into. i looked in the dishwasher 3 times, slamming the door shut with frustration each time. finally! i found it in the very back of the utensil tray: my handy little japanese peeler that i once picked up at nijiya. after that things went well, except that i sliced the onions instead of chopping them (oh well, it will all taste the same anyway!), and inexplicably, i grabbed a paring knife to slice my tofu (??? the curve of the blade made it very annoying to do this task). luckily, most of the work is done by the little blocks of curry that come in a box. Thank you, S&B!

i also added in some (frozen) peas - i felt like i needed something green in there.

finally, my potato/tofu/peas curry was ready to eat! it was yummy, although i couldn't taste all of it. it turned out pretty good considering i was delirious while making it.

oh, and the funny thing is, the peeler i had spent so long searching for fell into the drain and got killed by the garbage disposal when it was turned on. this meal was probably not meant to be!

oh yea, tea

hot tea is also great for you when sick. i've been sipping on chinese tea (jasmine?) all day.

japanese snacks

are always so cute. i lived on these today. little crackers with a lemony cream filling. they come in cute little silver packages and the crackers are bite-size. the kid's face on the front is kind of creepy...but still, i could probably eat the whole box in one sitting.

how i feel today

this is my cat. he makes a nice little companion when i'm sick. he likes to play with his toy mouse.

this is his beat up toy mouse. this is how i feel today.

Wednesday, June 27

summer cold

i am sick tonight so my boyfriend made me a big pot of chicken noodle soup. with big fat egg noodles and shredded rotisserie chicken. now back to blowing my nose, fever and misery in general.


i know this has nothing to do with anything, but i have to say something about it because it's one of my current obsessions, and this afterall, is a blog about my obsessions. needless to say there have been many emails flying back and forth with everyone i know about potential flaws, what the critics are saying, how excited i am, etc (examples of email subject lines include: "iPhone!!", "iPhone rate plans!", "iPhone has no sim card??" - this by the way is not true, as seen here) but today, someone sent me the best visual summary of all this iPhone madness. i love it. and i can't wait to have my very own.

(p.s. apple please don't sue me for posting this pic)

i can't get enough of this guy

Tuesday, June 26

also: snack

so i had this snack today, and i must write about the delicious japanese snack i had before dinner. it's this chocolate, wafery, crispy kind of cookie (with chocolate on the inside). it was amazing, but! it is called "collon". yes, yay for engrish!


i was inspired by my dinner to start a new blog. i've been taking a lot of pictures of food recently - i don't know why. after taking 10 pictures of the udon i was eating, i wanted to post them somewhere so here i am.

so anyway, i was starving after going spinning at the gym. i had all the right ingredients for a perfect bowl of udon, so i threw this delicious meal together in 10 minutes. into my udon i threw a poached egg, scallions, soup base, a tiny drop of sesame oil, dried bonito flakes, dried seaweed, and boiled lotus root (3 slices!). this was the most savory mixture. i also had a side of seafood gyoza (frozen and store bought, what can i say). however, i did make a little concoction for the dipping sauce, which consisted of bottled gyoza sauce (tastes like sweet vinegar-y soy sauce), a tiny bit of chili paste, and a drop of sesame oil. i also put in some scallions for good measure. yum! i am so satisfied.