Monday, July 9

fast times at the hollywood forever cemetery

i love summer in la. it just feels like there is so much going on, and the weather is always gorgeous. this weekend we went to the screening at the hollywood forever cemetery. since fast times at ridgemont high was showing, we knew we had to be there early. we packed a picnic basket full of snacks and wine (of course!) and picked up 2 doughboys sandwiches on the way.

the picnic starts outside, while you wait in line for an hour and a half! everyone spreads out their stuff and starts boozing. look how many people are in line by 6pm! (gates don't open until 7:30 and the movie is not until 9!)

i sipped on a beer while laying on the grass; here is my view. ah, blue skies and nice, warm sun!

finally! at 7:30 we make it inside and find the perfect spot right up front. (no, i don't know that guy)

here is our picnic basket.

wow, check out that crazy "vip" picnic area up in the front! they had little tv dinner tables set up with fancy wine. wonder who that could be?

here are our sandwiches. i had the "pan bagnat", which is supposedly a nicoise salad inside a hollowed out sourdough baguette. the idea sounds nice, but by the time i opened it, everything was soggy! PLUS, there was NO tuna! hello, what a rip off. i was really looking forward to the tuna. i think maybe there were 3 shreds total. since i didn't like my sandwich, i took a picture of it with the bottom of my boyfriend's shoe. there you go nike, here is your product placement.

here is what he had (much more tasty and less soggy) - a prosciutto sandwich with camembert cheese, yum! only, he asked for no melon. who does that?? weirdo.

then i lounged around some more while drinking wine. here is mostly what i was staring at:

finally the movie starts; oh yea and who was that special vip guest? drew barrymore! she was so cute when she got up on stage and "introduced" herself. then she introduced amy heckerling, the director of the movie who came up and talked about it. the crowd was great and it was a wonderful way to spend a saturday evening. i wonder if the inhabitants of the cemetery mind all the loud music and people stomping all over the place?


tstar said...

fine...bury the lead story that you saw drew barrymore this weekend. LOL! i love your view. Aah palm tree's. SO L.A.

blacklashes said...

one of the places i've always meant to check out. my favorite pics are the views from when you're laying around and drinking... those slay me with silliness. destructor's shoe, i mean product placement, is also funny.