Sunday, July 22

rooftop pool party

the standard downtown. despite the completely unnecessary attitude here, i have always loved the view at their rooftop bar. plus obey was throwing a party there so of course i had to go! my friend and i decided that this was the perfect pre-pre-party for daft punk. we got there around 4 and after a lot of typical hollywood b.s., we were finally given our holy wristbands so that we could ascend the oh-so-special elevator to the roof.

i was really cranky but as soon as the elevator doors opened i forgot about the snotty door girl (who spent her time eating cherries while on her cell phone chatting and ignoring everyone waiting) thanks to the awesome music and crowd.

the best part about this party was the watergun rule. everyone had to bring one. ours actually broke before we even really used it but there were plenty around for the taking. my friend and i had a 10 minute battle, and we also got caught in the crossfire between 2 girls and a guy with a supersoaker!

oh, and hit+run was there doing their shirt screening. i love them - this is the 3rd time i've seen them at a party. yay for free shirt screening. i made sure to bring 2 shirts this time. they always have really unique designs.

i posted a short video i took of the party. you can see hit+run doing their fabulous (and sometimes drunken) work at the end of the footage. too bad the shirt i got screened with an obey design has smudges on the front because the guy was drunk! ha.


tstar said...

you are too hip for words. :D

blacklashes said...

LOVE that you added a video this time!

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