Saturday, May 23

i'm on schmap!

a couple weeks ago i got a flickrmail from schmap - free digital destination guides.  i'd never heard of them but their maps are pretty cool - all interactive and social media optimized (read: widgets/embed codes, etc).  anyway, they had chosen one of my cakebread photos for their selects for their napa guide.  

using my photography rights knowledge from a previous life in advertising, i figured it was okay to give them permission to potentially include me in their published digital guide.  i wouldn't be getting paid, but the usage they wanted was non-exclusive, which means i was free to sell this photo to other buyers if i wanted to.  i actually think it's pretty cool that they are utilizing networks like flickr to pool together images for their guides - it makes sense in this digital age.  also cool that you are appropriately credited and you get your stuff out there.  

anyway, i just found out that they did indeed choose my photo for one of the cakebread images. so cool! i am listed as "shoe_monster" - my flickr (and "blogosphere") name. yay shoe monster! the widget version of the guide is above, and below is the image they chose:

cakebread vineyards
funny, because this was not one of the selects i chose for my cakebread post!