Monday, July 9

Cool Off! Lemon Basil Pasta Salad

Hello All! I thought I'd be a guest contributor today to my favorite blog! I'm coming to you from the East Bay in the Bay Area where it has been HOT. We just went through a bad heat wave where temps were 100+. I also just got back from Reno, NV where it was hitting 115. So, all of this heat has made we want to make some yummy summer foods to cool me off. Today I made a lemon basil pasta salad! You can use your favorite pasta and add your favorite veggies as well. For my version I used penne, cucumber, and corn. Cook and cool the penne and corn and mix all off the veggies together. Add the juice of a lemon, some

EVOO, basil, and S&P. Toss and eat! It is so refreshing and you can eat it cold or hot. I had it warm today because I didn't want to wait for it to cool!

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