Sunday, May 11

not enough shoes

i have completely neglected the "stilettos" side of this blog. therefore, i had to go on a shoe binge this past week. we were bored today and went to the most boring place available to us: westside pavillion. how was i to know that nordstrom's had just gotten these new, beautiful jeffrey campbell shoes? sorry, wallet.

while i was trying on a pair of gladiator sandals (i know, i know. do i really need to investigate what everyone else already has? still...they were really nice), i saw these shiny black things in my peripheral vision. I was barely able to pull the sandals off my feet before i grabbed the display shoe and tried it on. sold!

they are so shiny and pretty. actually comfortable too. the best part about them is that the straps close with VELCRO! yes. velcro.

no more fumbling around with buckles. thank you jeffrey campbell.