Sunday, January 13

praha :: day 6.5 :: lunch "at the maltese knights"

the rain is finally easing up as we make our way down the hill from prague castle through the little streets of mala strana to lunch.

lunch is at u maltezskych rytiru, which means "at the maltese knights". this listing jumped out at me while i was perusing my lonely planet book, mainly because of the description of being able to eat in an underground gothic cellar. unfortunately! i didn't do my research thoroughly, because when we get there, the waiter tells us that the cellar is only open during dinner!! SAD FACE. however, he is very nice and when i ask if we can just see it, he is more than happy to lead us down the steep steps, turn on the lights, and let us into the room.

this is the cellar. it's a small room. at night, they only use candlelight.

back at our table upstairs, i order my beer as we look through the menu.

we start with an appetizer of game. i don't know what it is, but it's pretty tasty.

i have the duck with pickled red cabbage and gnocchi. the gnocchi isn't that good.

destuctor's veal. poor baby cow. i have nothing to say about this (well, just a note that the weird pale green sauce thing you see is supposed to be guacamole).

my friend belvedere's wild boar.

next up: we race through the rest of the day, stopping at st. nicholas church, the charles bridge, old jewish quarter, house of the black madonna, hot dog stand, h&m (yes!), and dinner at a mexican restaurant!

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