Tuesday, July 17

it's that time again

for another post about japanese snacks!

the other day while waiting in the checkout line at nijiya, destructor found this oddly enticing bag of "cubyrop".

what were these magical looking cubes of sugar? was it gummy? was it hard candy? we had to try it.

upon opening the bag we were almost blinded by the shiny inside. the cubes sparkled in the silver packaging, calling our names. "eat me destructor and shoe fiend, eat me!!"

so we did. and they were delicious! it was like a nicer version of the sour patch kid candy, but instead of sour crystals, they were sugary. also very very soft. they were gone within minutes.

i probably need to stop posting about japanese snacks because this could go on forever.


blacklashes said...

yay! japanese snacks!

AMO said...

you sound like my sister :)