Thursday, July 26

daft punk and korean food

saturday night, after the pool party, we went to see daft punk. there are just no words. i think this is the most amazing show i've ever seen. i want my very own pyramid and robot suit.

i think this is me looking for reception. i was probably trying to text my other friends who didn't get floor tickets. they probably had a better view though!

i danced hard that night.
especially to this song. when the best song ever came on, the cameraman (aka destructor) did not remember he was supposed to be taking a video. but hey, at least you get the full experience.

also check out this close up of the pyramid. like i said, i want my own!!!

can you see him? why is he so cool?

anyway, afterwards we walked back to my friend's place by usc because we couldn't find a cab! (destructor tried to call juan, who was our cab driver to the event, but juan was stuck in hollywood) after all that dancing and walking, we were starving.

so our group made our way to koreatown, where we had fabulous late night junk food (kalbi, bul gol gi, bibimbap, noodles, etc etc)

we demolished our food in less than half an hour. then everyone went on their separate ways to crash. i think i'm still recovering?


blacklashes said...

oh...! i wish i could have been there too to see the pyramid. i couldn't get destructor's videos to play... perhaps youtube is too slow today.

tstar said...

that picture of you walking is super it. I wished i'd bought tickets now. very cool.