Wednesday, August 1

addicted to AA

american apparel, that is. i am currently obsessed with mixing and matching their pieces. i've always liked them, but for some inexplicable reason, lately i can't stop going into their stores/visiting their online shop.

american apparel and i first became acquainted back in college, when i randomly met dov the ceo in little tokyo while perusing a vintage store. he introduced himself and asked me to model for their catalogue (destructor was there as well; i felt him bristle next to me, but he politely shook dov's extended hand). this was way back in the day before all the negative press about him and the sketchy photos.

anyway, i did it a couple of times to make some extra money while in school (at their warehouse downtown, which was actually a really fun place mostly because the photographer had this parrot that hung out with us. and i remember the stylist ordered me food when i was hungry, except it was covered in cilantro. i saw the workspace too. it really is "sweatshop-free". they even have a cute little cafeteria, and vending machines!). got some free stuff, which was nice. that was how i first got hooked on aa.

above is a collage of items i have acquired in the last TWO weeks. it all started when we dropped by the little tokyo location before going to haru ulala. there i purchased the gray dress you see. it's so cute on. i also got a gray v neck tee (not pictured - but the one you see is what i have in RED, which i got this past weekend!!)

then, the excuse was that i needed an outfit for daft punk. so i got the gold halter bodysuit ("lame" fabric). i wanted to wear it under the navy jumper i got (as you can see from the picture, you definitely need to wear something under that). the colors worked great. i love this gold thing. check out how one magazine styled it in this photo.

then! i bought the black u-neck dress online. i want to wear tee shirts/tanks underneath. specifically, i want to get this.

basically, i need help. the problem is, everything is available in 10 million colors, which makes me a little frantic because i want to buy them all (i'm bad at choosing one). for example, i really want their fun tube socks (for what? i can't imagine where/how i'd wear them), but it's too hard to choose a color combination.

ok, my fashion post quota is complete for the time being.


blacklashes said...

the colors are the best part! i have a pair of kelly green tube socks that i'll work into an outfit one day.

eatdrinknbmerry said...

do you actually own the gold polyesther swimsuit? i see that all the time and turn to jeni and say... "there's a reason this is always on the sale rack haha".

btw, i have 2 pairs of headbands/sweatbands from AA. i need them when i cook - no joke.

woohoo it's half day!!!

shoe fiend said...

haHA. i DO, i got it for daft punk b/c i needed something metallic so i could pretend i was a robot.