Friday, August 17

pop them in your mouth like candy

see this crab? poor little guy. he is (was) part of the platter of sawagani crabs we ordered at kiriko sushi on sawtelle. they're soooo tiny and cute. they look like they're frozen in time. i'm pretty sure they just get thrown in the fryer, which is why they come out looking like they were in the middle of protesting. they're crunchy and tasty but sometimes their little legs stab you in the mouth.

here are his other friends. we ate them too.


AMO said...

Ha this reminds me of the lobster who fought me for his life..and then i ate him

eatdrinknbmerry said...

I love love love these sawagani crabs. I first had them at Sushi Karen in Culver City – they were delicious. The chef brought them out alive first and then came back 3 mins later with them in a frozen state. haha.