Friday, August 3

capoeira practice

last night i went to capoeira class with my friend, who will henceforth be named dj bitesize. today my legs are wobbly and sore.

we first started taking capoeira 2 years ago. after a few sessions, we just stopped going due to busy schedules, etc (and really, the last time when the mestre made us do back flips over a gigantic ball, it did not really motivate us to come back!).

but we both really love capoeira and last month, made an effort to go back and attend classes regularly.

capoeira is an art; it's a brazilian fighting technique/dancing that emerged as a way to resist oppression. it's about freedom, and what i love most is the community you walk into when you go to class. everyone is so laid back, so open and friendly, and they all have such a unique type of respect for the art.

another thing i love is the concept that this is a "game", played in a "roda". you do not attack the other person you are sparring; it's about demonstrating skill (without completing the move itself) and choreography/dancing. and the music/singing/drum beats create such a wonderful vibe.

now i'm beginning to learn a few of the songs they sing throughout class. there's one stuck in my head, but too bad i only know one line. i've only been in a roda once during class; it was fun but since i'm such a beginner, i didn't know what else to do except for a few cartwheels (called "roles"), and some feeble kicks. my favorite move, however, is the "esquiva" which literally means "escape"!

capoeira also influenced the breakdancing movement (i had a passing moment in high school where i really wanted to learn this but luckily i didn't pursue it). both were a form of subculture/counterculture before being adopted into the mainstream. it's a great feeling when i'm learning something new from an activity i enjoy. oh and of course the class totally kicks your butt! i will spend the weekend recovering.

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