Thursday, August 23

tofu journey

tofu festival 2007! we braved the blistering heat in little tokyo to come eat tofu.

here's my sister and i loving the giant tofu block outside the festival.

it was not easy getting there. first we parked at one of the free lots further away from the festival (hey, it was free). the garage was empty and the escalators weren't working.

then we emerged in some weird shopping center i never even knew existed. b dalton? i haven't seen one of these in years.

after walking through the empty courtyard, we ended up outside, completely disoriented.

temple street! that was a good sign.

los angeles mall?? what is this? i never knew this was downtown.

at last - food! by the time we finally made it inside we were parched and dying. it was unbearably hot that day. this is the tofu okonomiyaki. i am obsessed with okonomiyaki right now.

ahi poke salad with tofu. this was my favorite - i had it 2x.

these tofu sticks don't look too exciting but they were actually really good - i think it was all in the sauce.

bruschetta. boring! apparently the bread was made with tofu, so it was vegan.

after the festival we ended up in korea town at some weird deserted food court. we didn't eat there, we were just passing through.

mom's hand?? what does that mean?

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blacklashes said...

so much tofu so little time. i love the random, empty places, downtown.