Tuesday, August 7


my new favorite show. i recently discovered flight of the conchords sitting in my HBO On Demand list, and once i started watching i couldn't stop! the humor is completely random. i'll let wikipedia do the explaining.

here's a clip from when they tried to shoot a low budget "music video" on the show. the context behind this is that murray, their "band manager" (who is actually an employee at the new zealand consulate), made robot suits from cardboard - but jemaine and bret complained that they wanted to be like daft punk.

check out their official site. also the live version of this is really funny.


blacklashes said...


darn... another reason to pony up for hbo

- martha

AMO said...

I am SOOO Obessed with this shoe. I watch each episode a few times because the show gets better each time. "I know you weren't really robots"

shoe fiend said...

actually you can watch all the episodes on YouTube! people post them up there in sections

here is part 1 of episode 1



amo - i love the one w/ "david bowie"

eatdrinknbmerry said...

This is my favorite FOTC clip from their live performance... Business Time!