Tuesday, August 21

it started with guns...

waterguns, that is. as soon as they were brought out, we raided the pile, looking for the best weapons. some people tried to come and steal them from us.

miss phd and i engaged in a crazy battle royale. extraneous factors included destructor running around the parameter of the pool attacking both of us, as well as several other people in the group surprising us with their guns. i had a huge bruise on my knee afterwards.

eventually we moved to the dance floor (we were almost eaten alive by a woman determined to sit by the pool and eat her fries, although everyone was running around with water guns there. she screamed at us to stop. she was really paranoid that her fries would get wet)

there were many scene-sters and/or hipsters on the dance floor. here is one pictured above. i think he's wearing a red tie. at a pool party. awesome.

there's the dj. the music was great. oh, except he played that one song from The Who. yea, you know what i'm talking about. i have negative associations with that one; i took a video of me not liking it but i can't post it because i would definitely get sued.

and here's what's happening on the dance floor:

oh and they would bring out jello shots every 20 minutes or so.

here's a guy who looks like tobias from arrested development.

more hipsters.

there were lots of speedos that day.

check out the hipster dance:

back inside the notorious pod of the standard rooftop bar.

view of the buildings from inside the pod - gorgeous. but some of us were jumping around on it so i felt a little seasick (it's a water mattress)

bye bye pods...until next time.


blacklashes said...

great crowd shots & commentary =)

eatdrinknbmerry said...

Great posting. I love the Room Service party at the Standard. My friend spins house there sometimes. I can't go to these parties anymore b/c I can easily drop over $100.