Wednesday, July 9

say no to those cutters

dear honda fit:

just because you get great gas mileage with your 34 mpg does not mean you can be an atrocious human being. just because you think your car projects the belief that you are doing something good for the environment does not give you the right to cut someone off at a backed up freeway exit without so much as a thank you. not only that, but you actually had the nerve to say "what the @#$% is your problem??" in your car with your rolled up window to my face when i refused to let you in for 5 minutes. while it is true that i responded with "what the @#$% is YOUR problem?!", you should not have continued to edge your way next to me because i would have in fact let you hit my car.

yea, that's right. i saw you pull OUT of line and drive up to the exit and then try to cut in front of me. why don't you wait in line like everybody else? if you are truly someone who forgot about the exit and had to jump in late, or was in a justified rush, you are to say, "please can i cut in?" and "thank you" with universal hand gestures/facial expressions. not: "what the @#$& is your problem?"

luckily, your girl in the passenger seat was nice and stayed out of it and would not look at me. if she had, this would have further antagonized me to roll down my window. also, i went spinning this morning so i was tired/starving and had a breakfast burrito waiting for me so i didn't want to be bothered with you any futher. go ahead and cut. karma will come for you.

if anyone sees a self-righteous black honda fit driving around culver city, watch out. he may randomly try to threaten you from inside his car when he cuts you off.


Too Much Food said...

you wrote like five entries in one day. lol. good stuff.

tstar said...

this is great...seriously that exit drives me go girl...and I will NOT let that Honda Fit inch me out of the way when I see it. I got your back Skion.