Monday, July 14

fairfax @ oakwood ave


why did it take me so long to come here? after getting ethiopian food destructor and i drove up the street to check out the shops on this block. strange, i'd been here to the dime and canter's many times, but i guess that was all at night and i completely missed the surrounding shops. this block is lined with several hot boutiques for sneakers/streetwear.


can you see turntable lab? in the middle there. inside, we found something that would change my life forever! destructor picked up a holga starter kit and we couldn't take our eyes off of it. he ended up buying it for me. it took me awhile to decide what color i wanted. there was a bright red one, and another that was yellow, blue, and hot pink - which looked totally crazy altogether but i loved it.


but wait, there's more! i walked into this thrift store and was mostly uninterested until i literally had one foot out the door and something in my peripheral vision caught my eye. the glittering bags and shoes behind the counter. i found a stash of (real, i am pretty sure!) vintage chanel bags! there was a gorgeous large boxy white one, but on sale it was still $100. however, i peeked behind it and discovered a tiny light gold baby one that had the cutest shape i'd ever seen. it was marked down from $200 to $40. sold!

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