Sunday, July 6

early start to the 4th: rhonda in hollywood



when we arrived at midnight on thursday (technically friday the 4th!). the line was crazy, with impatient millenials trying to sneak around the back. my friend promised a good time, but due to the holiday weekend, it was crazier and pricier than usual: when we got to the front the guy with the cool haircut said, "$40 for the 4 of you." we stared at each other with sad eyes as we tried to count our cash. finally he said "how much do you have?" the 4 of us together had $25. he said, "ok."

we started upstairs: 70s music, young hipsters (what else but the american apparel kind?). it was sweaty, like the humidity in the middle of summer in houston. we sat under the best vent we could find and looked around at the kitschy mirrors and gaudy "greek" statues. i loved this place. if only it wasn't the 4th of july weekend.

then, the spilling. there is nothing worse than being spilled on by a girl with a bad outfit. she was wearing some sort of hot pink spaghetti strap tank top, with a black short sleeve mesh thing over it - the kind that had a heart pattern or something. this wasn't a normal spill. she had her beer in her hand with the opening pointed towards me, and was jumping around continuously, splashing beer on me repeatedly.

that's when we decided we needed to go downstairs. it was cooler and there weren't as many people. there was another dance floor, haphazardly established over a tiled floor. was this what it was like in the 80s? laser beams and fog machines, older hipsters (also with american apparel shirts). how many of those pieces did i see that night? fortunately, some felt that it was necessary to differentiate themselves from the aa masses by wearing a white v-neck style with blood red scribbling that read: "i am not god."


p.s. on the way out i saw a girl with NO pants. literally.

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