Tuesday, July 22

my first roll from my holga - success!

gloria's in culver city

out of 12 exposures, i got about six that i really really liked. at least now i know my holga doesn't really have light streaks. yet.

this is gloria's cafe on venice blvd. i double exposed this shot. we had yummy pupusas and pork adobado here. and the mexican chocolate. mmm. i think i have pictures; i'll post them separately.

now, on to downtown los angeles.

hot dog cart downtown los angeles

broadway and 4th.

dress shop broadway and 4th

dress shop downtown los angeles

shoes from blends double exposed with the building across the street. 4th and main.

siamese cat!

zorro the cat. double exposed. he was laying down and when he noticed i was snapping pics of him with a blue flash, he jumped at at me (which is the predominant shot you see here).

overall, i was happy with my first roll but i felt the colors were a little washed out. i adjusted the color a little - mostly just increased the contrast. can't wait to see what my next roll is like!


Too Much Food said...

hey this is pretty cool. I especially like the bridal shop one. Looks very LA-ish.

tay said...

Love these pictures! You have a great eye.