Sunday, July 6

the 4th continued: bbq at miss phd's


we finally rolled out of bed at 1pm on the 4th (after a night of confusing partying at rhonda) and after talking to some drunk friends and debating what to do for 2 hours, we headed back to the eastside to bbq at miss phd's groovy multi-colored pad (i like to think of it as caesar milan's dog community)

as you can see our bbq started with sangria. please note the very high end prestige brandy we used in the background. while destructor slaved away at the grill, we contributed by chopping fruit and soaking it in alcohol.


you may think these are some sort of gourmet sausages, but actually they're from vons and they are the jennie-o brand: hot italian turkey sausage! they were amazing. i was surprised and i am still craving them. we put them in toasted hot dog buns with mayo, mustard, onions! delicious. it wasn't all dry and gross but very well seasoned and spicy.

pork burgers

pork burgers! a favorite. miss phd modifed our recipe and it was really yummy - i think we bought lean pork or something because they almost tasted like turkey.

pork burger recipe:
1 lb ground pork
1 tbsp minced garlic
salt and pepper to taste
about 2 tsp fennel - more if you want a stronger flavor

the fennel is what really does it!

minced shallots
1 egg

tiki ti

after all the sangria, beer, and food, we hung out with all the neighbor dogs in the complex. then we all headed over to tiki ti to get more drinks. we ordered delicious (and strong) tropical drinks. i normally don't like cocktails/sugary drinks but i loooved this place. i tried everyone's . the menu is extensive and i always get overwhelmed when there is a long list of cool names without descriptions. after much thought i ordered the "top secret" (bottom right) - cream soda and rum: a delectable concoction! belvedere over there in the top left is drinking a "pain killer" - a dangerous mix of...stuff.


afterwards we went back to the house to rest before going out for more adventures. we also watched some fireworks in the street and met this nice gray kitty.

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