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i love love love ethiopian food. last week destructor and i went to merkato, a favorite of ours. whenever i come in here, i instantly feel relaxed, ready to chill over a nice slow meal. maybe it's the cozy decor or the bright umbrellas.

merkato- fish

this fish dish is amazing. the fish is lightly fried and somehow not oily at all. all the succulent flavors are sealed inside with their method of cooking. the outside is crispy and has amazing flavor. plus, you get all their vegetarian sides too.

merkato fish close up

close up of one of my favorite fish dishes in LA. it' currently #13 on the menu. get it!

merkato spongy bread

spongey bread! well, this is what i call the injera, which is a staple of ethiopian cuisine. i love merkato's because it tastes just right here. (sometimes it can be a little too sour) you use this soft pancake like substance to scoop up your food - wrap it around, eat it by itself, dip it, whatever.

merkato vegetarian combo

this is a close up of my vegetarian platter. no matter how hard i try i can't bring myself to order anything else on the menu. it comes with the following:

1. special shiro: ground peas cooked in red sauce with special spices and tomatoes
2. lentils: split lentils in red pepper sauce seasoned with assorted spices
3. collard greens: steamed and seasoned with garlic and pepper
4. yatklt alicha: steamed cabbage and potato seasoned with assorted spices
5. yekeke alicha: peas in mild sauce seasoned with spices

you'll notice the mysterious/vague reference to these secret "assorted spices". i'm not sure what they are exactly, but rest assured that it is a delicious blend of powerful, intoxicating flavors. some of the pea/lentil dishes remind me of curry. you also get a small tomato salad with this, which is basically fresh tomatoes, onions, jalapenos. really refreshing and yummy.

if you are with a group and love coffee, definitely order the ethiopian coffee. i've had it here and it's wonderful. order it in the beginning of your meal because sometimes it can take awhile (they make it fresh).

afterwards you can go up the street to the canter's area and shop at all the cool stores (next post!).

merkato ethiopian restaurant & market
1036 1/2 S Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90019
(323) 935-1775

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