Saturday, July 5



paru's in hollywood makes you feel like you are so cool because you have to approach their white gate and get "buzzed in". thanks to miss phd who introduced me to this hidden gem.

i wish we got to sit out on the patio but it was totally booked! inside, the place is surprisingly big and cozy at the same time. it doesn't look like much from the front - just a tiny sort of ghetto building heavily armed with white gates - but when you walk in, the space is sprawling and it just keeps going.


miss phd and i split this entree. it's called the "punjab glory" on the menu and it consists of poori, papadum, raitha, and your choice of 2 vegetable curries. we chose the the spinach with lentils and the yellow split dal. i absolutely loved everything on this plate. the poori was very fresh and not too oily. the spinach was just a bit creamy but not overwhelming, and the yellow dal was perfect (i love lentils). i tried the chickpeas, cauliflower and potato, and masala dosa as well from the boys' plates and enjoyed that too. our order took awhile to come out but i think i saw a lot of people waiting. or, i'd like to think that because we requested "no cilantro" in everything, they were diligently remaking some of the stuff in the back without cilantro.

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