Tuesday, June 26


i was inspired by my dinner to start a new blog. i've been taking a lot of pictures of food recently - i don't know why. after taking 10 pictures of the udon i was eating, i wanted to post them somewhere so here i am.

so anyway, i was starving after going spinning at the gym. i had all the right ingredients for a perfect bowl of udon, so i threw this delicious meal together in 10 minutes. into my udon i threw a poached egg, scallions, soup base, a tiny drop of sesame oil, dried bonito flakes, dried seaweed, and boiled lotus root (3 slices!). this was the most savory mixture. i also had a side of seafood gyoza (frozen and store bought, what can i say). however, i did make a little concoction for the dipping sauce, which consisted of bottled gyoza sauce (tastes like sweet vinegar-y soy sauce), a tiny bit of chili paste, and a drop of sesame oil. i also put in some scallions for good measure. yum! i am so satisfied.

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