Thursday, June 28

delirious japanese curry

i was feeling slightly better, so i wanted to make a big pot of japanese curry for us to eat. this did not start off well, as i spent about 30 minutes feverishly looking for the peeler for the potatoes. i got progressively more dizzy with each drawer/cabinet/pantry/trashcan/utensil holder i looked into. i looked in the dishwasher 3 times, slamming the door shut with frustration each time. finally! i found it in the very back of the utensil tray: my handy little japanese peeler that i once picked up at nijiya. after that things went well, except that i sliced the onions instead of chopping them (oh well, it will all taste the same anyway!), and inexplicably, i grabbed a paring knife to slice my tofu (??? the curve of the blade made it very annoying to do this task). luckily, most of the work is done by the little blocks of curry that come in a box. Thank you, S&B!

i also added in some (frozen) peas - i felt like i needed something green in there.

finally, my potato/tofu/peas curry was ready to eat! it was yummy, although i couldn't taste all of it. it turned out pretty good considering i was delirious while making it.

oh, and the funny thing is, the peeler i had spent so long searching for fell into the drain and got killed by the garbage disposal when it was turned on. this meal was probably not meant to be!

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