Sunday, April 26

napa continued: cakebread

horse outside nickel & nickel
after lunch we stop by luna (there's a good sangiovese there), and then we continue up the silverado trail for our last stop before french laundry: cakebread. the tasting here is by appointment only, and we had a few extra minutes to spare so we stopped at the winery next door (nickel & nickel). we didn't go in for a quick tasting; we got distracted by the horses playing outside so we all hopped out of the car for a photo op. they were obviously used to this kind of attention, because they thoroughly enjoyed taking pictures with us and being petted and fed (random grass nearby).
flowers and white picket fences
white picket fences outside nickel & nickel, sitting on gorgeous flowers.
cakebread vineyards
finally at cakebread. the tasting is $10 i believe...there is also a reds only for $25 or something like that, which i wasn't aware of (but would have chosen if i knew). but on our way out we wanted to buy some pinot noir which wasn't part of the tasting but asked them nicely if we could taste it - we got a small pour =] (and yes! it was delicious and we bought some)

cakebread vineyards
we also walked around the property for awhile, just relaxing in the sun before heading over to french laundry.

cakebread vineyards
flowers @ cakebread

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