Sunday, December 21


air china

air china food

today i am in beijing. it's been nearly 3 years since i was last here, and this trip is definitely going to be an interesting one. it's sunday, and i just got here this morning. i lost my saturday, and it feels like i've had one day that lasted more than 48 hours, packed with 6 meals. my brain is foggy but i did manage to eat a ton of food already!

anyway, this is the new international terminal. never seen it before but it has the same feel as the old one. when you go through customs there is a button that asks you to rate the service, marked with smiley faces (or frowning ones).

beijing airport
beijing airport

my sister and i come home to a nice, simple warm breakfast (it's 7am). our parents got us chinese donuts from kfc. yea, they have everything at kfc here. all types of chinese food.


after breakfast, i took a nap. my parents moved into a new apartment so i've never been here before, but all my old furniture from high school is here...truly disorienting.


this is the view from my window. unfamiliar, yet still comforting...

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