Sunday, June 29

world on wheels

saturday night a group of us went to world on wheels for a friend's birthday. i was really excited to roller skate, thinking it would be as easy as getting back on a bike. when i really thought about it hard, i realized that the last time i roller skated was probably over 15 years ago.

so, it was actually kind of hard. i fell several times and have the bruises to prove it. unfortunately, there was also a bar upstairs so you can imagine how hard it was to skate after visiting the bar. that was when i tried to impress destructor by skating backwards (which he couldn't do), only to fall down after 5 seconds.

the place looked like it hadn't been updated since the 70s. saturday night was their 7th year anniversary, but they have a special disco roller skating night every last saturday of the month. one can only wonder what happens on the other weekends. people got all decked out here. topher grace showed up in a long brown wig and mustache. that one girl from heroes (the one who tried to seduce mohinder) was part of his entourage. she is a pixie: rail thin and half my height. who knew??

afterwards, i made destructor pull into a carl's jr and ordered a double western bacon burger. it was the first thing i saw on the menu and i thought, mmmm.

it wasn't until we got home and i was halfway through eating it that i realized i had ordered a double. gross! we split the burger but it was still way too much food. i decided to take out the second patty, only to eat it later after i finished my portion of the burger. and fries. and coke.

roller skating is hard work.

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